An extraordinary mixed medium group art exhibition.

Experience in person the fantastic and gruesome works of Taxidermy, Osteology, Curiosities, Skulls and the Bizarre from some of the leading artists in the country. Artists include Forgotten Boneyard, RatBro Team, The Artwork of Valency Genis, Bonelust, ButterflyBabe, and many more!

October 15th 2015


Redefine Gallery

29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801 at the CityArts Factory.






All new collection of paintings by Chad Pollpeter.

Pollpeter has been working on the series over the past couple of years and this will be the first time they will be shown together. The Paintings depict a series of circus performers such as tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, acrobats, etc. Each painting features a different act completed in a variety of monochromatic color schemes with the use of high value contrast.

September 17th 2015


Redefine Gallery

29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801 at the CityArts Factory.

Enchanted Damsels

Enchanted Damsels - Flyer-001-01


Featuring the works of Artist – DIDI / Diana Contreras

August 20 2015 // 6P-10P

At Redefine Gallery / Downtown Arts District/CityArts Factory

3rd Thursday Downtown Orlando Art Walk

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“Enchanted Damsels” is a collection of works created by Miami-based artist Diana “Didi” Contreras, this collection is an exploration of femininity set in whimsical portraiture.

Along with the Enchanted Damsels collection, Didi will be premiering her new collection of works on wood as well as her first mural in Orlando.





By Artist Scott Lukacs

JULY 16 2015

6PM – 10PM


AUG 15 2015

Opening reception will be 07/16/15 6P-10P During the Third Thursday, Downtown Orlando Art Walk at CityArts Factory.

Scott is an Orlando local, multifaceted artist. He is a full time tattoo artist at Rise Above Tattoo on Mills Ave., and the owner of Rebel RePrints print shop, near Lake Ivanhoe. (Soon to be relocating due to condensed-living development destruction of neighborhoods.)

Check out his print work at RebelReprints.com

Scott will be displaying new works that have a unique combination of styles, with tattoo influenced imagery, colorful, illustrative, bold linework, as well as work with loose, gestural, interpretive line, that feels heavily influenced by traditional Asian works.

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Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran
June 18 2015
6PM – 10PM
Through July 10
29 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801
At CityArts Factory
About The Artist-
Wax Nostalgic is the work of Hoang Tran, an artist residing in Sunnyvale, CA. Hoang carves geek and pop culture inspired characters out of everyday crayons. He draws influence from a variety of sources including movies, television, animation, comic books and video games.
Each crayon is hand carved using precise dental instruments under a bright light with the naked eye. The multiple colors that some of the carvings have are not made with paint. Instead wax from other colored crayons is melted and carefully applied to the main crayon. Thus each carving is made completely out of crayon wax.
Hoang enjoys combining the nostalgia of crayons from our childhood with the nostalgia of our favorite characters we grew up loving. By using crayons in an entirely new way, he hopes to encourage creative thinking outside the (crayon) box along with showing how ordinary things can become extraordinary.
Words from the Artist –
My background probably isn’t typical for an artist. Growing up I was very artistic and enjoyed being creative. However eventually art became less important during everyday schooling so I did it less and less as time went on. Luckily though I was a very bright student and found myself in dentistry school years later. Unfortunately after three years there, I came to the realization that dentistry was not for me and I made the difficult decision to withdraw from school. I decided I wanted to try to find a more creative career path. During this time when I was trying to find myself and what I wanted to do in life, I came across carving crayons and have been doing it ever since.
I didn’t come up with the idea of carving crayons myself. Around the first year of dental school, I saw the work of Diem Chau online who carved some animals out of crayons. That in itself was remarkable, however what really struck me was the fact that I was doing something similar to that already. During the first years of dental school, we had to carve teeth out of wax to help learn dental anatomy and improve our hand skills. So when I saw Diem Chau’s work, I knew I already had the tools and skills to do it myself. I wanted to give it a try but I was just too busy at the time. After I quit dental school, a friend of mine was putting on a small art show. She asked if I wanted to participate and I agreed to. While brainstorming what to make for it, I remembered the idea of carving crayons. I gave it a try and they were well received at the show. Then I posted my work online which also became popular. Because of this and since I also enjoyed doing it, I just kept on going.
Artist Website – http://hqtran.tumblr.com/
The Daily Mail
Laughing Squid
My Modern Met
Ripley’s Believe It or Not
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Complex Magazine
This Is Marvelous
The Chive
Boing Boing
The Daily Dot


Lost-In-The-Echo-Peterson Redefine-05-15


New Artworks By Peterson J Guerrier

Opening Night
MAY 5 2015 6pm – 10pm
Third Thursday
Downtown Orlando Art Walk
With City Arts Factory

Exhibit will run through till JUNE 13



Peace Out

Redefine’s own, Peter Van Flores, will begin his travels this year. His first stop and indefinite residency will be in the Bay Area, California. He takes off at the end of May and we would like to invite all of you to one final showing of a collection of his works created between 2012 and 2015. All will be available for purchase, and the pieces from previous years that were trapped in his studio just got a fresh update with new details added to them. Peter is deeply appreciative of all the support for Redefine Gallery and becoming one of Orlando’s artists. We hope you all stop by and say “Peace Out” to him so he can return the favor.

All the Art Work is heavily influenced by Street Art, Typography, Graffiti, along with History and Politics.

Peace Out by Peter Van Flores III.
Redefine Gallery at the Orlando CityArts Factory
29. S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801

Ruby June and the Voice of the Sea – by Michael Sanborn


Artist Michael Sanborn presents the original paintings from his new book, “Ruby June and the Voice of the Sea” – a visualization of Lovecraftian doom from beneath the waves as seen by a six year old. 

Opening March 19th 6-10p

 at Redefine Gallery 29 South Orange Ave. Orlando, Florida.