Redefine ArtBasel 2016


Redefine Gallery Orlando is showcasing our hand picked contemporary original artworks for the 2016 Art Basel Miami Beach, Art exhibit at Nobu Hotel, with Xcontemporary and CityArts Factory, November 30 – December 3

NOBU Hotel and Restaurant  4525 Collins Ave.  Miami Beach 33140

RE Group

RE Group Art Show – at Redefine Gallery
Thursday night (11/17/16) 3rd Thursday, is the opening of our new show “Re Group”. We put out a call to artists and received over 100 submissions from all over the country and overseas. We selected 24 artists whose work was amazing! Doors open 6pm-10pm and is free/ All Ages.

BAYO – Seeking an Enemy

SeekingAnEnemy-BayoBayo. Seeking an enemy, Redefine Gallery, October 20th, 2016.

A series of intricate graphite drawings that take the viewer through a vigorous search for that “something” that endangers our existence, portrayed by absurd juxtapositions of allegories.

From household items to wild animals, emotionally stressed subjects show their intriguing narratives with the purpose of solving a doubt that sometimes can’t be found outside, but deep down ourselves.
Bayo (Eduardo Flores) is a Mexican visual artist known for his highly detailed gray scale drawings of bizarre characters and intense subject matters. His work has been in galleries in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, and United States. Be sure not to miss this rare opportunity to see his amazing work in person for Bayo’s 2nd exhibit at Redefine Gallery – Seeking an Enemy.   

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Nov 17 2016 – 3rd Thursday.

Deadline October 31st 2016: Redefine Gallery in Orlando, FL

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The battle is on! Redefine Gallery teamed up with, NY based company, Boundless Brooklyn to bring you an amazing show. 25 artists where selceted to customize their iconic watertower kit. Florida artists where chosen by Redefine, while the NY artists where chosen by the talented Chris RWK (Robots Will Kill). All 25 will be on display on Thursday Sept. 15th. Doors open 6pm-10pm and is Free and for all ages. Which state did it best? Come check it out and decide for yourself. For inquires or press you can email us at

Sep 15 2016 / 6PM – 10PM

Third Thursday Downtown Orlando Art Walk

29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801



FOREST FIRE – Earl Funk & JC Rivera


“Forest Fire” a Two-man show by JC Rivera and Earl Funk

JC Rivera, One of the most popular artists to come out of Chicago, heads down south to team up with one of Orlando’s top muralists/ tattoo artists Earl Funk. The two are known for their iconic character work with crisp bold lines that can be found through out both cities. Rivera and Funk will also be painting a mural in the gallery that will be unveiled on opening night. There will be no way to contain this fire on August 18th at the Redefine Gallery in Orlando, FL. Doors open from 6pm-10pm and is free to the public. All ages welcomed.

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August 18 2016
Redefine Gallery
29 South Orange Ave | Orlando | FL |32801
CityArts Factory 3rdThursday Downtown Art walk

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Earl Funk | @earlfunk | @redefineart

Redefine Radio Podcast Ep2 with ChrisRWK

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Redefine Radio Ep.2 – Redefine’s Crummy Gummy and Parker sit down at the Gallery with Chris RWK – Robots Will Kill and talk about history, the weather, travel, Orlando, NY, Punk Rock, Hardcore, and of course his art show “Layer By Layer” at Redefine and a few other art and graffiti topics.

*Includes a couple Explicit F-Bombs – But we’re sure you’ll survive.

Intro Music “Softcore” By VICE

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ChrisRWK / @ChrisRWK

Robots Will Kill  /  For the Masses – Podcast  / Boundless Brooklyn / FlyingFortress VICE / SugarFueled




Layer by Layer with Chris -Robots Will Kill

Redefine Gallery Presents “Layer by layer” a solo show by NY artist ChrisRWK (Robots Will Kill). “Layer by layer” showcases a body of work focusing on the layering aspect and conveying time passing. ChrisRWK creates and messes with the idea that there’s always something below the surface. “I want the paintings to have the feeling of depth in the sense of relating to people. Every person you see has some story that’s below the outershell that you see, just like these pieces. Each piece has a sense of growth and development. An independent layer that helps to build the final image and helps the viewer inquiry about the story.”

About The Artist:

ChrisRWK works frequently to reveal everyday musings and people one would pass on the street without looking or thinking about twice. These images also aid Chris in the creation of a visual language comprised of his own iconographic imagery. Through the repetition of this imagery, Chris strives to familiarize his viewers with the language he has constructed. He believes that the notions within his pieces serve as a backbone to the many stories created by the onlooker when he or she is viewing the work.

In 2001 Chris set in motion Robots Will Kill is an arts site dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media often disregarded by the mainstream art world. Rather than featuring his own work exclusively, he opened it up

to allow the possibility for it to become whatever it evolved into being.

Over the years Chris’ imagery has become quickly identifiable and familiar to many people. He is trying to evoke more stories in people’s minds everyday.
Redefine Art Gallery

Orlando CityArts Factory

July 21 2016 6-10pm

Free Admission, All Ages.

Mertz, Kong, & Woes – NTLCRU/ No Talent Losers


Redefine Gallery Welcomes The No Talent Loser Cru

Jose Mertz –  +

Boy Kong –  +

Angry Woebots –  +

June 16 2016  6-10p – Opening Exhibit -3rd Thursday

Redefine Gallery + CityArts Factory – Orlando, FL

International muralists and street art super group, NTL CRU has a reunion featuring 3 of it’s core members at Redefine Gallery in Orlando, Florida June 16th. Angry Woebots (Hawaii x California) will be accompanied by Cru-mates Jose Mertz (Miami, FL) and local sensation BOY KONG (Orlando, FL) as they collaborate on a complete art installation which will include collaborated paintings, prints, and murals.

NTL CRU has painted worldwide including at the most recent prestigious Pow Wow 2016 Mural Art Festival in Hawaii

29 South Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801

Exhibit will be open to the public through July 15 Tues – Sat 11a – 6p
Free Admission, All Ages.

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